Main Hall


Installation in Main Hal


The Singers in Main Hall


Christian Grygas


Martha Rosza und Sandra Volkholz


Installation in Basement-Hall


Winnie Böwe

Philip Glass and Robert Wilson
Einstein on the Beach
opera in four acts


opera-installation at the staatsbankberlin
by Berthold Schneider and Veronika Witte
Berlin Premiere, 2001

Informationens on "Einstein on the Beach" as part of the official celebrations of the Einstein-Year 2005 in Germany under Einstein on the Beach 2005


The Performance

The production of EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH at the staatsbankberlin takes as its basis the original artistic focus of Bob Wilson and Philip Glass and ventures to translate it into the aesthetic language of our times. For this reason, artists from the fields of photography, video, installation as well as professional scientists have been included in the production. Instead of a set-design these artists developed "intervention strategies" which were realized in the actual performance-site. The installation assumed functions traditionally assigned to acting, costumes and set. This fusion of performance and applied arts brings to life the tremendous artistic impact of the original production in a contemporary visual environment.

During the four and a half hours of the performance the spectator is free to move around in the various halls of the staatsbank as in an exhibition. By doing so an audience member finds himself in a continuum of acoustic and visual impressions: the music is heard throughout the entirespace and video transmissions allow for constant monitoring of what is happening in the other rooms. Berthold Schneider and Veronika Witte have conceived a performance concept in which the audience experiences the same music in an always changing context. The five performances at the staatsbankberlin were quickly sold out and drew widespread international attention. Many spectators attended the performance several times to re-experience this unique environment of sights and sound.


Publications on the Production

Installation Art - The Empire of the Senses
Edited by The Museum of Installation London
Published by Thames and Hudson, London 2002

Handbuch der Musik im 20. Jahrhundert
Volume 7, Experimental Music-Theatre and Dance
Edited by Frieder Reininghaus and Katja Schneider
In association with Sabine Sanio
Published by Laaber Verlag, Laaber 2004


The Cast

Berthold Schneider ..... Idea and Stage Director
Ari Benjamin Meyers .... Musical Director
Veronika Witte ..... Exhibition Concept
Tino Sehgal ..... Choreography
Nina Thorwart ..... Costumes
Immanuel Heidrich ..... Sound Design
Dan Dryden Eleonor Sandreszky ..... Sound Consultants

Angela Fleur Billington, Winnie Böwe, Leonie Hentschel
Marta Rozsa, Juliane Rothmaler, Sandra Volkholz
Andreas Barth, Klaus Wegener, Friedemann Büttner
Bernhard Behr, Christian Grygas, Sascha Borris

Artists and Scientists
Hans Diebner / Sven Sahle (ZKM Karlsruhe), fettFilm (Berlin/Hamburg), Anton Henning (Berlin), Barbara Hindahl (Mannheim), Ilya Rabinovich (Amsterdam), Fred Rubin (Berlin), Anke Westermann (Berlin), Veronika Witte (Berlin)

orchester der staatsbankberlin


Press Reactions

More than 100 articles in magazines, radio, tv throughout the world covered the premiere - an absolutely exceptional echo for any off-production.

Die über vierstündige Neuinszenierung des Stücks durch den Regisseur Berthold Schneider ( ) abgesegnet von Bob Wilson persönlich räumte auch mit den letzten Konventionen des Musiktheaters. auf Sie gab dem Epoche machenden Werk eine Gestalt, die ebenso komplex wie stimmig ist. (Berliner Morgenpost)

I would like to have my own and the Berlin-version being presented in New York at the same time. (Bob Wilson in Opernwelt)

... lets be enthusiastic. (Opera-Magazine, 11/2001)


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